16. Dezember 2023 um 20:30
Die Funzel
Güterhallenstraße 53
67547 Worms
10 Euro Abendkasse

The sound of Delta Komplex infolds us in layers of veils and pulls us into contradictory emotional worlds in which we sadly dance around between 80s Synthpop Elements, classic Darkwave and obvious Postpunk influences.
The Trio based in Darmstadt (Germany) founded in Winter 2019, embodies all these influences within their musical origins.
With an intriguing and truly romantic Goth singer with Siousxielikey influences, a guitarist inspired by the sounds of early NDW and Punk Bands and a Composer who blends analogue sounds with modern synth elements to complex compositions which are hardly to reference.
Delta Komplex’s first album wavers like a thin veil of mist between impressions of post-punk, darkwave and synth-pop and yet is dark enough to make every goth-soul sway to the beat.
Still Patient?
The band hailing from Worms and Ludwigshafen were commended as Germany’s biggest hope in the Gothic Rock genre after only 2 released albums .
Their music is the modern mutation of classic Gothic Rock , without the usual clichés , individualistic guitar melodies , a crude wall of sound , driving rhythms and a dark ardent voice ; a mixture of traditional guitar New Wave and modern EBM.
Passionate moments paired with ferocious rage ; STILL PATIENT? use the colors of life itself to paint acoustic meanderings within the dimensions of inner anxiety and fear .
Nach dem Konzert versorgt euch DJ Asteroth mit der passenden Musik.  Einlass ab 18 Jahren