3. November 2023 um 19:00
Die Funzel
Güterhallenstraße 53
67547 Worms

The Israeli indie-pop duo Ice Hokku are coming to Worms for the first time to perform at Die Funzel! Special guest of the evening – Andrey Orenstein.
Ice Hokku is an Israeli indie pop duo that grew up on Western music and are now drawing inspiration from the authenticity of the Middle East. The band’s name is a pun, a playful mix of Japanese poetry Hokku and ice hockey.
Ice Hokku are live-looping artists with an electronic-acoustic sound – a mix of guitars, synthesizers, drum machines, and voice layers. The music of the duo is mostly pop songs in English and Hebrew with powerful, creative vocals and sprinkles of Middle East vibe. The duo’s surprisingly powerful sound is achieved by using loop stations that continuously record sound layers during a show in real-time